Financial Director

Any questions regarding fees or payments, please contact:

Sandi Rodgers at

2018-19 CLUB FEES

Fees are based on a 10 player roster. Fees do not include player travel or hotel expenses.

Premier League Team Fees

Fees Include

Uniform Package Below (2 long sleeved jersey's, 2 pair of spandex, 2 pairs of socks, warm-up jacket, team backpack, 2 practice shirts), Team Tournament Fees, Team NCVA, Registration Fee, Equipment, Coach(s) Stipends, Coach(s) Travel, Administrative Fees, Facility Fees, Club Insurance 

Player packages for Arbuckle 14s and 16s teams will consist of:

1 long sleeved jersey, 1 pair of spandex, 1 pair of socks, team backpack, 1 practice shirt.


Dynamix offers fundraisers to lower costs directly to a players fees.  

See's Candy and the T-shirt fundraiser are the 2 that directly go towards a player.  

If you have further questions about fundraisers, please contact:

Sandi Rodgers at