Financial Director

Any questions regarding fees or payments, please contact:

Sandi Rodgers at

2019-20 CLUB FEES

Fees are based on a 10 player roster. Fees do not include player travel or hotel expenses.

2020 Premier League Team Fees

Fees Include

Uniform Package Below (2 long sleeved jersey's, 2 pair of spandex, 2 pairs of socks, warm-up jacket, team backpack, 2 practice shirts  and kneepads), Team Tournament Fees, Team NCVA, Registration Fee, Equipment, Coach(s) Stipends, Coach(s) Travel, Administrative Fees, Facility Fees, Club Insurance 


Dynamix offers fundraisers to lower costs directly to a players fees.  

See's Candy and the T-shirt fundraiser are the 2 that directly go towards a player.  

If you have further questions about fundraisers, please contact:

Sandi Rodgers at