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Non-League #2


The time came for the 13 Black Dynamix Volleyball Club to take the court for their first non-league tournament.  With them all sporting their new Dynamix gear, the girls were a little nervous taking the court for their first opponent, Pulse 13 Black.  The first set was not a good indication of how hard these young ladies have been working the past month.  We missed many serves and could not get a good serve receive pass to our setter.  We fell 11-25.  The second set... now that is the team that the coaches know!  We won in 25-20 and wow was it a completely different team then the 1st set.  Our passes were on target, and we were able to produce more of an offense.  Lizzy, Annika and Lexi combined for 8 aces.  Lexi had 3 kills in the set as well.  The 3rd set, well, that looked very similar to the 1st.  The girls just did not produce what they needed to, falling 4-15.  

The second match of the day was against Vacaville Extreme 13-1.   We lost in 2 sets, 22-25 and 22-25.  However, as the scores show, we were starting to find our stride.  There was only 2 missed serves in the entire match.  Numerous kills from Annika, Lexi, Mya, Maya, Kathy and Lizzy.  The girls were having fun and it showed in the way that they were playing.  Cayley provided a defensive strength with 10 digs in the match.  Marlena and Celeste were strong on the right side opposite the setter.  It was such a breath of fresh air compared to how we started the day.

Our final match in the AM pool play, had us up against Gold Cal 13 Air.  We came up victorious and oh, did we have to work for it.  Final scores, 29-27 and 25-22.  We had our ups and downs throughout the match, however, this match showed our perseverance.  The girls never gave up and you could see the fight in their eyes.  Lizzy did a phenomenal job setting her hitters and moving the offense around.  Mya and Celeste's serve receive passing were spot on and both were close to being perfect on the match.  Marlena even put in a quiet solo block.

The afternoon play put us into a 3 team pool.  Our first opponent was against Five Starz 13-1.  With friends on the other side of the court, there were times when I saw people applauding both sides of the court.  It was a fun match to play and win.  The girls pulled off another victory with scores of 25-22 and 25-22.  Nikki was a solid force for us, with great passes and putting up a consistent offense.  Lizzy once again proved that her serving is going to be something to wrecken' with this year with 5 aces on the match.   The girls were very excited to have won and also exhausted as it was past 5 PM, but we still had one more match to play.

Our final match of the day was against, Infinity 14 White.  The girls finished with a win, 25-7 and 25-9.  Both Marnie and Megan were happy that the girls were able to keep their focus, after they had mentally prepared themselves to go home after the previous match.  First tournament mistake on behalf of one of their coaches.  Oops!  Maya came up huge in the 2nd set with 4 kills.  She did an amazing job of finishing her arm swing and putting the ball straight down on the other side of the net.  The coaches were extremely proud of her growth over the entire day!  Lexi finished with 9 aces and Kathy had 4 kills.

Looking back on the day, Dynamix 13 Black played against 4 Power teams and 1 Premier.  They were able to go 3-2 on the day.  There is still a tremendous amount of volleyball to learn, but it set a great foundation for the season.  Keep up the hard work at practice!  Nothing says it best but a title of a Dr. Suess book..."Oh the places you will go!"


Annika: 9 aces, 11 digs, 5 kills

Cayley: 1 ace, 22 digs, 1 kill

Celeste: 2 aces, 3 digs

Kathy: 7 kills

Lexi: 12 aces, 1 block, 15 digs, 16 kills

Lizzy: 12 aces, 46 assists, 21 digs, 11 kills

Marlena: 1 block, 3 kills

Maya: 2 aces, 1 block, 6 digs, 12 kills

Mya: 3 aces, 10 digs, 7 kills

Nikki:  1 ace, 2 digs


Non-League #2


There are many good things that Dynamix 13 Black took away from their 2nd Non-League Tournament.  For starters, there was an overall improvement in play from start to finish.  The girls were able to come out in their first morning game with the same intensity as they finished 10 hours later.  The coaches are very proud on their individual growth as well.  The girls are able to anticipate and read the ball better then the first tournament.  

In morning pool play, Beach Vibe Barracudas 14-2 were our first opponent.  With scores 26-24 and 25-18 the girls did have too many unforced errors that kept their head coaches blood pressure a little high.  14 unforced errors in the first set alone was not the best performance.  However, the girls were able to cut their unforced errors in half for the second set.  Nikki's serve receive passing was perfect in the first set and Maya was a killing machine!

In the second match, Diablo 13-1 Black beat us 20-25 and 17-25.  Our weakness during this match was inconsistent passing.  The girls were able to run their offense with their anchor in setter Lizzy and this kept them in the game.  However, some costly unforced errors, kept them from pulling ahead.

The final game in pool play was by far the best played match in the morning by our young team.  Vibe 13 Chaos was a strong team from the Bay Area and Dynamix was able to play with them point for point.  Unfortunately, we lost 22-25 and 23-25, but as the scores show, it was an intense game.  Looking over the stats on paper and in the iPad, the game was back and forth with good volleyball being played on both sides of the net.  Annika was solid at digging the ball from all the strong attacks coming from the other side of the net.  She finished with 11 digs on the match.  Kathy finished with 3 kills and Lexi had superb serve receive passing throughout the entire match.  On 27 receptions, only 4 were not perfect. 

Afternoon bracket was shortened due to morning pool playing taking a little too long.  Our first opponent was against Colusa Volleyball Club 14-2 Gold.  Dynamix cruised to an easy 25-14 and 25-10 win.  Mya served 15 straight points in the second set with 6 aces.  Maya and Kathy both finished with solo blocks.  

The final match of the day was one set to 25 against D2 Volleyball Club 13 Dynamic.  With a 25-20 win, we were able to go home before 6 pm!  Nikki served up 4 aces!

Dynamix 13 Black have showed an enormous amount of growth in their short period of time.  Their coaches are looking forward to their next tournament in a few weeks.


Annika: 8 aces, 2 assists, 30 digs, 14 kills

Cayley: 1 ace, 16 digs, 3 kills

Celeste: 7 aces, 2 digs

Kathy: 1 block, 7 kills

Lexi: 3 aces, 2 assists, 19 digs, 12 kills

Lizzy: 12 aces, 52 assists, 11 digs, 6 kills

Marlena: 1 block, 1 kill

Maya: 2 blocks, 6 digs, 11 kills

Mya: 13 aces, 1 assist, 4 digs, 8 kills

Nikki:  4 aces, 9 digs, 7 kills


Premier league qualifier


Traveling to Vallejo for Qualifier at Mare Island Sports Complex was a very interesting tournament for the Dynamix 13 Black team.  It was a bit chilly inside the non insulated venue.  The nets were either too high or too low and our court was the only court that had 2 antennas.  But we were ready!

Our first match of the day was against Yuba Eilte VBC 14 White.  The first set was a battle back and forth, however, we were able to pull ahead at the end with a 25-18 lead.  The second set, Annika went on a serving run with 14 straight points with 9 aces.  Lexi then put down 2 solo blocks and 3 aces of her own.  The other team had basically fallen back on their heals and had not found the same energy that they had in the first set.  The ending score was 25-4.

The second match of our pool play was against our very own 13 Purple.  We always love to see familiar faces and it is fun to play each other, even if it is an hour away from where we could do it in Woodland.  :)  The first set 3 players, Lizzy, Annika and Lexi all combined for 10 aces.  Kathy, Maya, Celeste, Nikki and Cayley each had kills.  The girls were able to work as a team and everyone was able to contribute to the success.  First set score, 25-5.  The second set was not as successful.  While in the first set we made 4 unforced errors, in the second set we had 20 unforced errors.  Between 15 hitting errors, blocking, serving and free ball errors, we basically gave the other team the win.  They had earned 5 points off of us.  All were from aces.  This was not a good indication of how they handle their mental focus.  The team did not perform to their ability and did not play clean.  Their coaches were not pleased with their performance and how they could not play clean volleyball.  Ending score, 23-25.  Going into the 3rd set and receiving a stern lecture from their coaches, the girls bounced back with a 15-4 win.  There were only 3 unforced errors and the girls regained their composure.

In their final match during pool play, the girls were up against Synergy Force 13 Red.  This match was a great game where they were able to see how they start to perform under pressure.  Before the match they had lost a player due to an ankle injury.  They were able to keep their focus and win a game for Celeste!  The final scores were 25-13 and 25-18.  In the first set they only had 5 unforced errors and in the 2nd there were 6.  

The final match of the game was a cross over match.  We were the number 4 seed up against the number 28 seed, Dynamix 14 Black.  Here were are again playing one of our own teams.  If there was any match to come watch, it was this one!  The girls and the parents were hyped for the game.  The girls were hyped because they were told that if they won, they could go home and not have to ref the next match.  Megan had never seen so much fire from her team.  Her favorite memory of the entire match was when the score was 24-19, match point, and Kathy turned around to cheer her team on saying, "Let's go Ladies!  WE WANT THIS!"  Marnie and Megan both looked at each other with smiles on their faces.  Kathy was ready for it!  She finished us off with a kill and ended the match.  

Looking back on this match, the coaches were honestly proud of every single player.  Marlena had a kill that had every player on the opposing side on their heals.  She found the center of the court and laid the ball down in the middle.  Mya had dig after dig and was going after every ball.  Lizzy once again served the team off the court.  Finishing with 9 aces in the first set and 3 in the second.  She also had 5 kills in the match.  Nikki did a fantastic job giving our team solid passes from the right side of the court.  Lexi worked hard in the middle keeping the ball in play and leading her team in serve receive passes.  In the first set, Annika had 3 kills that were some of the best of the tournament for her.  Cayley was hustling all over the back of the court trying to get the ball to her setter.  Maya came in clutch with her quick reaction speed and working hard on the outside.  Kathy, she finished us off and didn't have a single error.  Just overall, a fantastic match.

The girls finished the tournament as the number 4 seed.  We will be seeded the same when we enter League #1 in March.  In the mean time, there are still many things to work on at practice.  

Lastly, I would like to share some comments that were made to me by total strangers.  We had a few fans from other teams.  One was another coach who kept complimenting how well the girls worked together and how well they knew their positions and the court.  The final one was my favorite.  An older gentlemen, before our final match, came up to me and told me what a great team I have.  He said he had been watching us during his granddaughters game and couldn't get over how fun our girls were to watch.  After we won the first set, he snuck over to me and told me "I smell a victory!"  I told him not to jinx us.  After the team had won the match, he once again found me on the court and congratulated me on the win.  He even gave me a hug in the process.  In all my years of coaching, this has never happened.  Parents, grandparents, players...yes, but never our opponents families.  Between Kathy and this gentlemen, I had 2 fond memories of our Qualifier.  

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

                     --Phil Jackson


Annika: 15 aces, 2 assists, 27 digs, 8 kills

Cayley: 2 aces, 11 digs, 2 kills

Celeste: 1 dig, 1 kill

Kathy: 1 ace, 1 assist, 8 kills

Lexi: 16 aces, 1 assist, 9 digs, 9 kills

Lizzy: 21 aces, 37 assists, 17 digs, 7 kills

Marlena: 4 kills

Maya: 6 kills

Mya: 2 aces, 2 assists, 17 digs, 6 kills

Nikki:  3 aces, 1 assist, 9 digs, 5 kills


Non-League #3


Non-League #3 resulted in a successful finish, however, there were some peeks and valleys that need to be addressed in practice these next few weeks before League #1.  

Our first match of the day was against, Synergy Force 13 Red.  We saw this team the previous tournament at Mare Island fir Qualifier.  Since our pool only had 3 teams, we were instructed to play a mandatory 3 sets to 25.  The first set was a great start of the day on the score end (25-13), but there were still some dragging feet and sleepy eyes on the court.  The girls did not seem awake.  The second set had the final score 25-20, and our unforced errors started to become more noticeable.  The 3rd set, the unforced errors took center stage and we fell 23-25.  Lizzy finished the match with 5 aces and Mya contributed 4.  Our team is young and some are new to club volleyball, however, we need to minimize our unforced errors to compete in the future with strong teams.  This is an element that will be strongly enforced at future practices.

Our final match of pool play was against Club Solano 13 Maroon.  This team was a good passing, scrappy team.  Our first set we started off very slow and missed too many serves, hit balls into the net or out of bounds, giving the opponent too many points for us to come out on top, 21-25.  Yet the second and third sets were better outcomes with victories, 25-20 25-18, The girls showed more heart and desire to want to play.  Annika finished the match with 11 kills.  Kathy also had the only block of the tournament for our team and Maya contributed 5 kills.

The first match in bracket play was against Top Gun 14-1.  Overall the match was slow and I do not feel that the team ever reached their potential.  Marlena had 2 kills in the second set and Lexi finished with 5 aces.  The final scores were 25-18 and 25-22.

In the match of first place, we found ourselves playing against Synergy Force 13 Red...again.  :)  In respect of the drive that we all had to get back to the Sacramento area, the coaches decided on one game to 25.  Winner takes all!  We won the match 25-20, however, our passing was at the weakest it had been all day.  Our kill to hitting error percentage was equal.  If it was not for our strong serving, and 9 aces (6 from Annika), we would have probably been reffing the final match of the day.   There were some great rallies during the match where I could feel the determination coming for the girls.  This is the fire that we need from 8 am until the moment that we take off our knee pads.  I know that they are capable of performing at this level.  Just to bring it out and have it be consistent, is our focus!

At the end of the day, I am happy that the girls had to face adversity at times.  They found themselves down in the final match of the day, yet  were able to buckle down and come out on top!  During the Club Solano match, I feel we had our best moments of the day.  There were some great digs from Cayley, Lexi, Annika, Mya and Nikki from the back row.  Lizzy continues to be our rock, our driving force and our anchor of our team.  Her work ethic as our setter is inspiring!  Maya gained a tremendous amount of confidence this tournament coming into her own on the left side.  Hands down, Kathy had an outstanding tournament.  She was set 36 times, finished with 14 kills and only had 3 errors.  Her stats do not lie.  She has been working hard at practice, asking A LOT of questions, and it is all paying off.  She has truly been learning the game and absorbing all the information that Marnie and I have to give.  Lastly, kudos to Annika.  You kept your composure when things were not always on your side during the tournament.  You went behind the service line during the last match and pulled our team out of a hole with your strong serving.  Remember consistency is always more successful then power.  

Our next tournament is not until the second weekend of March.  The girls will be working hard at practice as they will be coming into the Sierra League as the number 4 seed.  

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

~ Colin Powell


Annika: 15 aces, 10 digs, 16 kills, 1.95 SR

Cayley: 5 digs, 1 kill, 1.78 SR

Celeste:  injured

Kathy: 4 aces, 1 block, 14 kills, 1.5 SR

Lexi: 11 aces, 7 digs, 6 kills, 2.03 SR

Lizzy: 9 aces, 34 assists, 4 digs, 9 kills

Marlena: 4 kills, .33 SR

Maya: 1 ace, 8 kills, 2.80 SR

Mya: 4 aces, 7 digs, 3 kills, 1.59 SR

Nikki:  1 ace, 3 digs, 1 kill, 2.10 SR


League #1 gold division


This past Saturday, Dynamix 13 Black came into the Gold Division with the number 4 seed.  Starting their tournament with a new format and having a 3pm start time, was something new for us.  Coach Josie filled in for an hour before Head Coach Megan was able to join us.  Thank you Coach Josie for joining us briefly for our tournament.  

Our first match was against the number 9 seed, CPVC 14-1.  In the first set, Annika served up 7 aces and Mya contributed 2 aces as well.  She helped lead the parade with a 25-4 win.  The second set, was a good all around effort from off of the girls.  Everyone contributed to the win and Lizzy continued to lead our offense with her superb setting.

In our second match of the day, we met up against Yuba Elite 14 Black (number 3 seed).  We came out a little flat and our serve receive passing was not very strong.  We were aced 9 times and fell with the score 19-25.  During the transition between sets we spoke about minimizing our errors and the team did just that.  Nikki was moved from the opposite position to outside and she did a fantastic job adapting to the challend.  She had 2 kills and not a single hitting error.  It was exactly the boost that the team needed.  We came out on top, 25-19.  In the third set, we came out to an early lead, however, we were soon battling back and forth with Yuba.  Lexi was our anchor in the middle while Maya was a defensive beast digging up everything that was hit to her.  Marlena had many heads up plays throughout the match.  She continued to be consistent with her hitting and serving.  We ended up winning the match 16-14.  Some might think it was unjustified, however, the other coach exceeded her limit of timeouts and we were rewarded the winning point.

Moving to the final bracket with the top 3 teams, we faced two very good teams.  First up was Colusa 14-1.  The first set was a great set.  Annika put down the only block for our team and Celeste had some great passes from the right back.  We took the loss, 18-25.  The second set did not look as good for us.  We lost 13-25 and fatigue starting to take its toll on the girls.

Moving to our final match of the day and still not getting a break to regroup or eat, we were up against Synergy Force 14 Red.  The first set was a loss to the score of 11-25.  The girls looked absolutely defeated and exhausted.  Between the two sets, we spoke about pride and effort.  We wanted to feel better about the effort that we were putting out on the court and have pride in what we were doing.  The girls played MUCH better and gave every last bit of energy they had on the court.  They could honestly say, we gave it our all.  Unfortunately we lost, 21-25, but it was a gallant effort.  Cayley was solid in her defensive passes and Maya came alive at the net with her hitting.   Her overall quickness to react to the ball is a great asset to her play.

From this tournament we learned a lot about ourselves.  We learned that it is very tough to play 4 straight matches without a break.  We learned that we can overcome injuries  and play for the team.  We learned that we are a good team and we still have some areas of weakness to focus on at practice.  We learned that we do deserve to be in the gold division, but we need to continue to rise to the occasions.  We are a young team, but age does not define us.  We need to continue to push ourselves to be better volleyball players.  We need to continue to listen to our coaches and apply what they are telling us.  

In conclusion, the coaches would like to give a little extra praise to Marlena.  She has continued to push herself and improve every time she hits the court.  She was extremely consistent and is starting to come into her own.  We are extremely proud of her and all of her hard work is paying off.  Great Job Marlena!

No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.

~ Ramana Maharshi


Annika: 16 aces, 1 block, 16 digs, 5 kills, 1.75 SR

Cayley: 4 digs, 1.69 SR

Celeste: 1 dig, 1.37 SR

Kathy: injured

Lexi: 4 aces, 8 digs, 9 kills, 1.87 SR

Lizzy: 11 aces, 22 assists, 21 digs, 6 kills

Marlena: 2 aces, 5 digs, 4 kills, 1.0 SR

Maya: 1 ace, 26 digs, 11 kills, 1.64 SR

Mya: 2 aces, 5 digs, .91 SR

Nikki:  2 aces, 20 digs, 5 kills, .82 SR


League #2 gold division


This past weekend the 13 Black had missing players due to injuries and other sport commitments.  There were seven girls who were able to take the court and play their hearts out.  Cayley was able to step out of her defensive specialist roll and step into the outside position.  Her 4 foot 10 inch frame finished the tournament with 13 kills from the front row.  Proving that size does not always matter.  She also finished with 16 digs giving our team the stability that kept them in the Gold Division.

Our first match of the day was against Dynamic  D2 14-1.  This was a very important match.  If we won this match, it would give us better odds of staying in the Gold Division.  The girls were aware of the job that needed to be completed and went out and accomplished it.  However, in the second set, they like to keep things a little more suspenseful and keep the scores close.  The girls pulled out the win 25-17 and 25-21.

The final match of pool play was against a very mature, well coached AAVC 14 Black.  The girls fought hard in the first set, playing great volleyball and making Aces earn every point by not giving them too many unforced errors.  Aces pulled out the win, 19-25.  The second set was simply not the same story.  Unforced errors, poor serve receive and lack of steam caused Dynamix to fall 11-25.  

Moving to afternoon bracket play, Dynamix met up against Colusa 14 Black.  The same scenario from the Aces game came to haunt us again during this match.  The girls put up a great first set with scores 21-25, to then fall 11-25.  There are a lot of things that we could say could have happened if we had a full healthy team.  However, we were simply beat and we will need to play a strong complete match to beat them in the future.

Our final match of the day was against Samba 14's.  The girls were told many times that their coach wanted to win this match.  It was repeated to them over and over so that they could hear the words and start to believe that they could do it.  They were tired.  However, they completed the job that was set out for them once again.  (Very similar to the first match of the day).  The girls beat Samba 25-18 & 25-23. 

There are many kudos that the coaches would like to hand out.

Maya...You did a fantastic job keeping your composure, passing from all areas of the court, and being a leader.  Maya finished with 30 digs and 11 kills.  She was all over the place and there was major growth exhibited on the court Sunday.  Keep up the hard work Maya!

Lexi and Lizzy...  What would we do without our captains.  Lizzy leads time and time by her example on the court, while Lexi is the vocal/take charge leader.  These two make a perfect combination.  Thank you ladies for guiding our team on and off the court.

Mya, Marlena, Celeste...Your determination grew as the day went on.  We could see how the 3 of you wanted the ball, committed yourselves to the ball and were thinking heads up when it came your way.

Annika and Kathy...Thank you for your support from the bench this tournament.  The team appreciates your commitment to the team and knowing that you are behind them every step of the way.

Cayley...You did an amazing job stepping into the outside position and holding your own.  You continued to learn the position and feel more comfortable throughout the day.  Your service receive passing was nearly perfect in the last match after your collision with Lexi.  We see you working hard at every practice and thriving to be better.  It is definitely showing!  Keep it up!


Annika: injured

Cayley: 16 digs, 13 kills, 1.77 SR

Celeste: 8 dig

Kathy: injured

Lexi: 4 aces, 2 blocks, 23 digs, 13 kills, 1.33 SR

Lizzy: 5 aces, 38 assists, 24 digs, 5 kills

Marlena: 1 ace, 2 assists, 11 digs, 7 kills, 1.0 SR

Maya: 5 aces, 30 digs,11 kills, 1.66 SR

Mya: 2 aces, 13 digs, 5 kills, 1.14 SR

Nikki:  absent


League 3 found Dynamix 13 Black playing locally in Sacramento at West Campus High School.  They came into the tournament seeded 5th in the Gold Division.  

The girls have learned the cycle of Premier League and that they must come out of the morning pool play with a win to keep themselves locked into the Gold Division.  Our first match of the day was against Rocklin 14-1.  The girls came out with the win that they had wanted, however, it took 3 sets for them to do so.  25-18, 23-25 & 15-7.  In the second set, there were simply too many unforced errors.  Many hitting errors and a few missed serves.  In the final third set, the girls buckled down and played a clean game.  

The second match of pool play was against Synergy 14 Red.  We lost 23-25 & 11-25.  In the first set we had 13 unforced errors, but were able to keep the game within reach.  Yet the second set, we had 12 unforced errors and completely lost our focus.  I believe the girls can compete with these strong 14 year old teams.  We need to put together our best foot and put the ball down on the other side of the court.  We cannot wait for other teams to make the mistakes.  

In bracket play we were up against Samba 14's, who we played at our last League tournament.  The final outcome was not the same as we lost, 20-25 & 27-29.  The overall play of the game was better then the morning.  We need to continue to push ourselves to the next level.  Consistent serve receive passing and solid defense is what will bring us those powerful hits.  We need all of these things to come together and we will achieve our goal!

The final match of the day was against Infinity 13 Black.  We took them to 3 with the scores 18-25, 25-10 & 15-11. It was an intense game and the girls kept their heads up and continued to fight until the end.  It is great to see that they can come out on top with these matches that are going to 3 sets.  

We finished again seeded 5th in the Gold Division.  There is a lot of work on passing that needs to be our primary goal at practices leading into the final stretch of our season.  But first we travel to Reno to participate at Far Westerns in the American Division.  It will be nice to see the girls compete against teams that are of the similar age.  We will also be pushed to see how we compete with Power teams.  We haven't seen any power teams since our Non-League Tournaments and we placed well against them.  I have high hopes for Far Westerns and I hope the girls perform to the best of their abilities.


Annika: 13 aces, 28 digs, 14 kills, 1.69 SR

Cayley: 5 digs, 1.31 SR

Celeste: 6 digs, 1 kill, 1.33 SR

Kathy: 5 aces, 3 blocks, 6 digs, 6 kills

Lexi: 3 aces, 1 block, 21 digs, 12 kills, 1.79 SR

Lizzy: 6 aces, 43 assists, 22 digs, 8 kills

Marlena:1 assist, 1 dig, 4 kills

Maya: 2 aces, 32 digs, 3 kills, 1.57 SR

Mya: 1 ace, 8 digs, 2 kills, 1.32 SR

Nikki: 5 aces, 25 digs, 6 kills


We made it to Reno!  The girls have been looking forward to this tournament all season.  Our first match of the weekend was against a familiar team, Synergy Force 13 Red.  The girls came out on fire!  They played one of the most flawless matches to date.  Every element of the game was on point.  It was such a pleasant way to start the tournament finishing off with scores, 25-15 and 25-11.

The next match of the day was against VEX 13-1.  We played this team back in January at Non-League #1.  We had lost in straight sets, but the games were close.  This time around, we came out a little tentative and lost game 1 with the score 18-25.  The next two sets, the girls were determined to come out on top.  They were putting down a strong offense and the defense was sweeping the floor.  Finishing off the match, 25-22 and 15-13. 

The final match of the evening was against Rage 13 Alynn.  This was one of the strongest teams we have seen all season.  The girls came out with a lot of determination to get the job done.  You could see their focus of wanting to do well.  They ended falling witht he score 18-25.  It was a strong set and gave them a good taste of how they needed to play to compete with strong Power teams.  The second set got the best of us.  We simply had no offense.  We only one 2 earned points in the beating of 8-25.  It was a rough set where we just couldn't get the hits to fall.  

From the first day, we kept our seed of 31 and moved into AM wave for the following day.  The girls played some of their best volleyball and were just simply enjoying the experience of playing at a big tournament. 


Annika: 10 aces, 13 digs, 10 kills,  2.0 SR

Cayley: 15 digs,  1.54 SR

Celeste: 2 digs, 2.0 SR

Kathy: 2 aces, 1 block, 3 digs, 3 kills

Lexi: 5 aces, 28 digs, 1 kill,  2.0 SR

Lizzy: 4 aces, 26 assists, 8 digs, 2 kills

Marlena: 4 kills

Maya: 1 ace, 16 digs, 6 kills,  1.68 SR

Mya: 1 ace, 5 digs, 2 kills,  1.89 SR

Nikki: 13 digs, 2 kills, 1.25 SR


Day 2 brought us in as the bottom seeded team in our pool, coming in as the 31st seed again.  We were up against NorCal 13-2 Blue.  The girls played well, but there were too many unforced errors at the net.  When playing tougher teams, we cannot give them unearned points.  We need to keep our play clean and make them earn their points.  The second set was pretty much the same story as the first.  Final scores of the game were, 25-19 and 14-25.

The next match was against 650 Extreme 13 Red.  The girls lost the first set 10-25.  We just could not get our game together.  The second set the girls were able to pull it together, create an offense, get passes to the setter and take the win 25-23.  There were still unforced errors, but we were able to create more of an attack.  The final set was another victory 15-9.  The girls played clean and battled until the final point.

The final match of the day was against Five Star VBC 13 Black from Colorado.  There were a lot of would of, could of, should of's from this match.  Unfortunately we once again did not play our game and lost 15-25 and 23-25.  We were playing tentative and waiting for the other team to make mistakes.  We need to go back to the matches from the previous day where we were the team that put the ball down on the other side of the court and were playing with an aggressive offense.  

At the end of the day, we moved up in seed to 24. 


Annika: 10 aces, 13 digs, 10 kills,  2.0 SR

Cayley: 10 digs,  1.69 SR

Celeste: 1.12 SR

Kathy: 3 aces, 4 digs, 3 kills

Lexi: 2 assist, 20 digs, 4 kills,  1.91 SR

Lizzy: 5 aces, 19 assists, 15 digs, 4 kills

Marlena: 1 assist, 2 digs, 2 kills, 1.67 SR

Maya: 1 ace, 1 assist, 15 digs, 6 kills,  2.18 SR

Mya: 4 digs, 1.00 SR

Nikki: 1 ace, 13 digs, 1 kill, 2.11 SR


The last and final day of Far Westerns.  The 13 Black beat Empire Black 13-1 in the first set 25-13.  This set was flawless and a just a pleasure to be apart of.  The second set, our unforced errors came back to haunt us.  This would inevitably be what took us out of the match and loosing in 3 sets.  The final two scores were 22-25 and 13-15.  This was an extremely emotionally charged match.  The girls really wanted to win but just came up short.  Unforced errors hitting, serving and mental mistakes at the net took us out of the match.  These are elements of the game that we will definitely be working on to better ourselves for the final push of the season.

As I recap the tournament, there are many positive things to take from Reno.  Our little 13's team that plays in the Premier League was able to compete and beat Power teams that are in the top 20 of NCVA.  We finished in 24th place out of 75 teams and had a wonderful time, while making lasting memories that will last a lifetime.  Of course we would have liked to have finished better, but we will learn from our mistakes and it will hopefully make us stronger.


Annika: 10 aces, 13 digs, 10 kills,  2.0 SR

Cayley: 10 digs,  1.69 SR

Celeste: 1.12 SR

Kathy: 3 aces, 4 digs, 3 kills

Lexi: 2 assist, 20 digs, 4 kills,  1.91 SR

Lizzy: 5 aces, 19 assists, 15 digs, 4 kills

Marlena: 1 assist, 2 digs, 2 kills, 1.67 SR

Maya: 1 ace, 1 assist, 15 digs, 6 kills,  2.18 SR

Mya: 4 digs, 1.00 SR

Nikki: 1 ace, 13 digs, 1 kill, 2.11 SR




What a nice day to host a tournament at our host site.  Thank you to all of the parents for helping assist in the up keep of the bathrooms and helping clean at the conclusion of the day.  I really appreciate all of your help to make it such a successful day.

We came into the tournament in our very familiar seed as number 5.  We were up against SPVC 14 Missy in our first match.  The girls came out very sluggish.  At one point we were up 12-4 and ended up loosing the set 21-25.  There were too many service errors on top of unforced errors at the service line or at the net.  They definitely turned it around in the second set finishing SPVC off 25-8.  There were only 3 unforced errors the entire set.  Our offense came alive and the girls carried that momentum into the final set winning 15-8.  

Synergy Force 14 Red who we have lost to many times during the season.  Well...not this time!  The girls kept it suspenseful, of course, yet they persevered and came out victorious.  The scores of the match were 15-19, 18-25 and 15-12.  This match was like a roller coaster ride.  There were the highs and lows and even a couple twists and turns, however, I could not be more proud of them pulling out this win.

Moving into the top 3 in the Gold Division, the 13 Black faced off against Samba 14's.  It was a good match, it could have been better with a win, but there were positives to come from it.  Their offense is continuing to improve.  We struggled at times in serve receive and defense, but then would regroup and pick it up.  The girls lost 20-25 and 21-25.  

The final match of the day was against Yuba Elite 14 Black.  The first set was back and forth.  The entire match was a battle.  This team has grown to be a very special team in my heart.  They did not stop working hard for the victory.  They build each other up every time they take the court.  They are supportive, encouraging and just a great group of young ladies.  They finished the tournament in 2nd place beating Yuba with the scores, 27-25 and 25-19.

The 7 girls that suited up to take the court on Sunday did a FANTASTIC job!  I am so proud of them.  Each and every one of them excelled and played outstanding. What a great way to finish League and prepare for our final tournament.


Annika: 8 aces, 30 digs, 17 kills,  2.09 SR

Cayley: ABSENT

Celeste: 9 digs, 0.81 SR

Kathy: 6 aces, 1 block, 5 digs, 7 kills, 0.67 SR

Lexi: 6 aces, 1 block, 24 digs, 6 kills,  2.02 SR

Lizzy: 12 aces, 34 assists, 18 digs, 7 kills

Marlena: 9 aces, 1 assist, 10 digs, 7 kills, 2.09 SR

Maya: 4 aces, 1 assist, 18 digs, 3 kills,  1.43 SR