About Us


Dynamix Volleyball Club

Dynamix Volleyball Club is an IRS 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and operates in conjunction with the United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) youth girl's program.

Dynamix Volleyball Club is run by a group of volunteers that serve on the Board of Directors.  The Board hires the Administrative Director and Financial Director who carry the detailed duties of the club.  Dynamix will compete in NCVA Regional Area League as well as other tournaments. 


Commitment to Club

 Players need to make a commitment to each practice and competition.  While it is understood that occasional conflicts may occur, these need to be notified with the coach in advance.  Please be sure that you commitment when playing for a club volleyball team and honor that commitment as well as you can. 


Player/Parent Code of Conduct


Dynamix Volleyball Club, its Board of Directors and Coaches, and the NCVA are committed to creating and upholding traditions of excellence through volleyball by focusing on responsibility and accountability.  Please understand and acknowledge the following when signing and dating at the bottom of this form.  By committing to Dynamix Volleyball Club, parents and athletes readily acknowledge that they are accountable for their conduct and behavior when participating or attending any volleyball event in which Dynamix Volleyball Club and its members are participating.  Also, by signing, parents and athletes acknowledge that should their behavior with this Code of Conduct or their conduct is deemed detrimental to team unity, or not in the best interest of Dynamix Volleyball Club, said parent or athlete may be prohibited from any further association with Dynamix Volleyball Club and would not be eligible for a refund of any fees previously paid to Dynamix Volleyball Club. 


*Practice good sportsmanship at all times *Player will participate in volleyball free of alcohol and drugs *Treat all adults (especially officials and referees) and teammates with respect. *Use positive verbal and physical behavior, controlling of temper and aggression. *Take questions and/or concerns about volleyball directly to the head coach.  If necessary, follow the DVBC Grievance Policy. *Coaches will inform players when to arrive at their court for tournament competitions.  It is the responsibility of the player to be dressed, ready to go with proper attire, etc.  


*Positive attitude toward volleyball and emphasize the cooperative nature of the sport. *Encourage hard work and honest effort that will lead to improved performance and participation. *Respect the rights of others and treat the visiting team and their spectators courteously. *Encourage and respect referees and officials and their integrity and will not taunt or approach them during or after matches  *Cheer positively for our team, using socially acceptable language and applaud fair play during matches. *Support all attempts to remove verbal and physical abuse from volleyball activities. *Remain in the spectator area and do not approach the bench unless the coach directs you to.  Follow the rules of the tournament and respect the decisions of officials and tournament directors. *Public intoxication from drugs or alcohol (any harmful substance), or offering any drugs, alcohol or weapons (any harmful substance or item) to any minor (including, but limited to player, players' siblings, friends) is grounds for notification of law enforcement authorities, and may result in the expulsion of the parent(s)'/guardians(s)' daughter from the club.