1.  The use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or anabolic steroids is prohibited and may result in immediate suspension or dismissal from the team!  This will be determined after the coach meets with club director, parent(s), and player.

2.  All players sitting/standing on the bench during match play are expected to remain focused on the match.  No sidebar conversations will be tolerated.

3.  Parents are not allowed to approach the bench during match play, unless directed by the coach due to player injury or illness.

4.  Cell phones are to be turned on silent or vibrate during all practices.  During tournaments, cell phones are not allowed at the scorers table.

5.  PLAYERS AND PARENTS will refrain from cussing, cursing, and/or negative/threatening gestures towards you, team members, opponents, fans, referees, and coaches.  PLAYERS that violate this request will be benched.  PARENTS that violate this request will be asked to leave the premises immediately.  Please represent yourself, our club and our community with dignity and respect!

6.  Chain of command:  Please help your child mature into a self sufficient, independent, and responsible young adult by having her address her coaches with any volleyball concerncs she may be having.  Any and all concerns need to be addressed in the following manner:

           a.  First, your daughter should address all concerns to the coaches herself.

           b.  Second, if your daughter feels that the issue has not been resolved, parents may                request a meeting with coach, parent AND player.

           c.  Third, after the previous two measures have been taken, a meeting with the club                director present can be requested.

7.  Please do not approach the coaches before, during, or after a match to speak about your daughter's volleyball status.  You may call or email them anytime to schedule an appointment after 24 hours.

8.  Please do your best to schedule all family vacations around our short volleyball season.  If you know of something that is going to conflict with the attendance of your daughter at a tournament, please notify the coach before the weekend of the tournament.



DynamixVBC encourages open communication between players, parents, and coaches.  It is our expectation that coahes will be approachable and players will comminucate with their coaches.  If a grievance arises, please use the following guidelines to resolve the grievance.

1.  Player should discuss issue with parent.

2.  Player should talk to the head coach directly to explain and resolve the problem.

3.  Player and parent talk to the head coach.

4.  Player, parent and head coach take issue to the Club Director.

5.  Player, parent, head coach, Club Director will review with Board of Directors for review.

These steps are designed to give the player and the parent every opportunity to resolve a problem with the coach.