Frequently Asked Questions


Who plays Dynamix Volleyball Club?

Dynamix is open to girls ages 10 through 18.  Tryouts are held to form teams at the 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17/18 division in November or each year.  The number of teams formed are determined by the availability of players and coaches at each level.  The optimal number of players per team is a minimum of 10.

How long is the season?

The practices for the season begins the first Sunday in December.  Tournaments begin in January and extends typically through the middle of May.  Competition schedules are determined by the Dynamix Athletic Director, team coaches and are combination of league, non-league and special tournaments.

When are practices?

Practices will being the first Sunday in December and will run until the final tournament in May.  There will be a minimum of 2 practices a week and no more than 3.  Practices are two to three hours in length and will be held at Douglass Middle School.

What are the costs for the season, and what is covered?

Player Fees for the 2018-2019 seasons are tentatively set as follows for a 10 person roster:

  • 11 - Black Premier League $1,600      
  • 12 - Black Premier  League      $1,800
  • 13 - Black Premier League  $1,900
  • 13 - Purple Premier League  $1,600
  • 14 - Black Premier League      $1,900 
  • 14 - Purple Premier League $1,700
  • 15 - Black Premier League  $1,900
  • 15 - Purple Premier League $1,700      
  • 16 - Black Premier League     $2,000
  • 16 - Purple Premier League   $1,700
  • 18 - Black Premier League   $2,000


These fees are spread over 4 months, with the last payment due by March 10th, 2019.  At the signing meeting on Monday, November 12th at Pioneer High School Theater, a deposit is required of $500.00 at that time.

Monthly installments after the initial deposit will begin on December 10th until paid in full.  Fees include liability insurance, NCVA team registration, all tournaments entry fees, administrative costs, coaches’ stipend, equipment, medical supplies and rental of district facilities. 

The fees described above include a required uniform package for each player which consists of: 

2 long sleeved Nike jersey, 2 short sleeve warm up t-shirt, 2 pair of Nike spandex shorts, Nike warm-up jacket, two pairs of Nike socks, 1 whistle, and 1 Nike backpack. 

What costs are not covered?

Fees do not cover player’s travel expenses (food, lodging, travel, or personal expenses), nor do they include volleyball shoes, or extra clothing that is not part of the uniform package above. If a team chooses to attend additional tournaments not included in the original team schedule, any additional tournament entry fee and coach’s travel stipend will be divided among the team players. 

What is a parent's role on the team?

Most importantly, parents are expected to be positive and supportive of all players, coaches and officials. We want this to be a positive experience for the players and attitudes can make a huge difference. Parents are expected to get their player to every scheduled practice and tournament on time and ready to play. Parents are responsible for their player’s travel, food, and lodging during each tournament. A player/parent code of conduct as developed by the NCVA will be required to be signed at the time of committing to a team. We would also encourage any parent who wants to be involved to consider the following: Each team will need a team parent to coordinate team events and information. We also require each team to be represented at Board meetings to provide input and act as a communication conduit to/from their teams.